Great American Pool Table Neon Lites Coin-Op

Great American Pool Table Neon Lites Coin-Op

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$ 3995

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Comes Standard: Black Formica, Black, Red, Blue Rails & Black Light Glow Trim
Includes Accessories with Black Light Glow Triangle & Balls
(also 4 Cue Stick, Set of Balls, Chalk, Brush, Rack, & Magnetic Cue Ball)

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  • Attracts new players with bold black light colors.
  • Greater color features than any other manufacturer:
    corner castings, pocket liners, rails and extruded corners.
  • Cabinet grade plywood construction with black laminate, electric blue cloth on rails & black bed cloth.
  • Unitized, composite, trouble free and fast ball return assembly.
  • Modular coin box housing designed for simple service and replacement.
  • Hinged and locked hatch under table for leg storage and clean out.
  • Dual steel slate supports provide reliable flat level playing surface.
  • Premium Lexan ball viewer with retaining screws and frame.
  • Each table operates with magnetic 2 1/4" or 2 3/8" cue ball with 15" cue ball lock-up.
  • Double rollers on ball release provide smoother action, less wear and down time.
  • Dome shake-proof washers on rail bolts, corners and slate supports for a tight and fast play.
  • Each table is crafted with the finest imported one piece slate.
  • Factory play @ 50 cents, location adjustable to .25.
  • Vertical 8 mechanism also available.

  • ModelOverall SizePlaying SurfaceSlate SizeWeight
    600NL45" x 77"32" x 64"35.5" x 67.5"620 lbs.
    650NL49" x 85"36" x 72"39" x 75"650 lbs.
    700NL53" x 91"40" x 80"43" x 83"710 lbs.
    800NL57.5" x 101.5"44" x 88"47.5" x 91.5"820 lbs.
    900NL64" x 114"50.5" x 100.5"54" x 104"1100 lbs.

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