Pyramid Apex 5400 & 5600 Series Validators

Pyramid Apex 5400 & 5600 Series Validators

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Pyramid Apex 5400 & 5600 Series Validators

Lighted arrows on bezel and bill entry area
High security against fraudulent bills
Flash updates using a Palm TM PDA
Push button / LED on-board diagnostics
Palm TM advanced diagnostics
Many interfaces available - pinouts compatible with other manufacturers
Dual-stage optical anti-stringing
Simple setup with Configuration Card
12VDC standard, optional 120VAC internal power supply
Bills up to 72mm wide accepted for foreign applications
Automatic self-calibration - never requires user calibration

The PTI Apex 5000 Bill Acceptor is compatible with other manufacturers' such as JCM, Mars, GPT, Innovative Technologies, Smiley, AstroSystems, Coinco, Ardac, GameMax, ICT, etc.


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