Big Buck Hunter HD

Big Buck Hunter HD

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The all New 2013 Big Buck Hunter HD
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Enjoy a truly global hunting experience with the spectacular 2013 Big Buck Hunter HD from Raw Thrills! Players can take aim at a variety of Safari Outback animals, trophy game, crazy critters and more across 4 continents! Travel across Africa, Australia, Asia and North America to hunt game such as the Ibex, Rusa Deer and Blackbuck.

Enjoy 51 scenic hunting treks and 255 hunting sites in extraordinary high-definition for a gaming experience unlike any other. Players conquer hunting challenges across the globe and master an incredible 51 bonus games for a truly triumphant victory over the natural world. There's even a team play shootout mode that allows for cooperative hunting and collaborative multi-player fun! The most engaging hunting arcade game on the market, 2013 Big Buck Hunter HD is the perfect addition to your home game space.

Arcade Game Dimensions: 79.375in H x 24.5in W x 29.5in Depth
Enhanced Graphics with a 1080p High-Definition 32in LCD Screen and Eye-Catching Cabinet
New Gun System that Offers Players Enhanced Comfort in Holding the Gun / Better Accuracy Required for the HD Screen
Online Integration: Link to Your Personal Accounts and Challenge Friends / Online Tournaments / Share Digital Trophy Achievements with Friends
Showdown Mode Allows Players to Play Live Against One Another in the Same Site

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