JVL Echo HD3 New for Lease

JVL Echo HD3 New for Lease

Lease Pricing

Retail Price:

$ 4395



Weekly Minimum:

$ 33.95

JVL Echo HD3 New for Lease The World’s First High Definition Entertainment System where Games and Music meet!

*Millions of songs on demand
*Song library is continuously expanding and always current
*No moving parts - JVL reliability
*No contract
*Wireless connection to our music service
*Integrates with audio systems and can be used with a CD jukebox
*Easy set-up and installation
*Light and compact (1.9 lbs
*Smart Search
*JVL Guru - automatic suggestions triggered by your song selection Smart genre catalogs specific to location’s musical preferences Call 800-950-9634 for more Details.

How to Lease from Lease America.Com:
We at Lease America.Com strive to provide you with the best quality products, service and knowledge available making your experience simple and easy. Our acquisition leases are 2 year terms based on MSRP plus freight and Tax. Deposit shown is the minimum due, minimum payment is calculated over 103 weeks. Lease items can be returned or traded at lease end and last monthly payment waived. Terms and conditions apply credit approval maybe required (fee $ 29.95) **Deposits are refundable if not approved** Total process approximately 10 Days.

Minimum Deposit $ 895 Minimum Payment $ 33.95 Plus freight and Tax.
*See the New HD 3 Software Here* thefind_ef33436312115c600ec0420297090a7c.html

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