Galaxy II.5 Arachnid Dart Board

Galaxy II.5 Arachnid Dart Board

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$ 4295

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  • 19" Widescreen LCD monitor
  • Speed Games
  • Automated league mode with Download-able league configurations and league standings
  • Networking for multiple machines
  • Setup mode and Attract Screens along with Customized "WIN" screens

  • Additional Features
  • League Play with enhanced 2 way communications, upload league matches, standings, and schedules. The games will be ready and waiting for league players with no need for player cards
  • User Friendly On-screen button labels, combined with help screens that makes game play easy for everyone
  • The Galaxy II.5 comes with Games like 301, 501, 701, plus Cricket and Hammer games like Cricket 200, Hammer Cricket, Team Hammer, Cut Throat Cricket, Team Cricket, Wildcard Cricket 200, Cricket Quickie, Count Down, Quick Cricket, and new bonus games Count Up, Tic Tac Toe, Bermuda, Gotcha and BS Golf

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