JVL HD3 Upgrade Kit Shipping Included to Hi

JVL HD3 Upgrade Kit Shipping Included to Hi

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There has never been a better time to upgrade JVLs Retro and Vortex machines. In addition to 143 proven winners, iTouch 11 features new games Like: "Gone Ice Fishing" and "Underwater Mess" - both of which have been beautifully adapted from HD - as well as exciting new takes on "Big Tacki" and "Kick 11s".

800 new photos for our "Whats the Difference?" puzzles
3,000 new questions for our series of "Double Quiz" trivia games
The return of popular erotic games like "Matching Pairs Erotic", "Peep Show", and "At a Glance" (for machines with 1 GB Compact Flash memory cards).

Add to that improved Wi-Fi connectivity and easier system set-up, and were sure you will agree that iTouch11 was well worth the wait.

See the New I Touch 11 Games Here thefind_ef33436312115c600ec0420297090a7c.html

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