JVL HD3 Upgrade Kit

JVL HD3 Upgrade Kit

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There has never been a better time to upgrade JVL´s Retro and Vortex machines. In addition to 143 proven winners, iTouch 11 features new games Like: "Gone Ice Fishing" and "Underwater Mess" - both of which have been beautifully adapted from HD - as well as exciting new takes on "Big Tacki" and "Kick 11´s".

• 800 new photos for our "What´s the Difference?" puzzles
• 3,000 new questions for our series of "Double Quiz" trivia games
• The return of popular erotic games like "Matching Pairs Erotic", "Peep Show", and "At a Glance" (for machines with 1 GB Compact Flash memory cards).

Add to that improved Wi-Fi connectivity and easier system set-up, and we´re sure you will agree that iTouch11 was well worth the wait.

See the New I Touch 11 Games Here thefind_ef33436312115c600ec0420297090a7c.html

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