Pac-Man $ 2745 Arcade Party Video Game

Pac-Man $ 2745 Arcade Party Video Game

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For the first time, Ms. PacMan and Galaga, two of the industry's "Greatest Hits," are available in one dedicated cabinet. These two games are unquestionably the two longest running hits in the history of video games! After 20 years, they are still a "must have" for all locations.

The retro-style cabinet is a replica of the original Galaga and Ms. PacMan cabinets with a few exceptions. A 25" monitor now replaces the original 19" monitor, and the coin door is now a modern over/under door with quarter, dollar coin, and dollar bill validator capabilities. This will allow operators to utilize pricing schemes unavailable in the original models. The exterior of the cabinet appears as a combination of the original games. One half of the cabinet will feature Ms. PacMan side panel graphics, while the other features Galaga graphics. The front of the cabinet, the marquee, CPO, and game instructions are a delightful blend of the two classics.

The game play is identical to the original versions, but we've thrown in a number of options for the operator. We've included operator selectable features such as "regular" or "speedy" Ms. PacMan, and "original" or "rapid fire" Galaga. We're also adding a feature that did not exist 20 years ago... player buy-in continuation mode. This too is operator selectable. Players will have their choice of playing Ms. PacMan, Galaga, and rumor has it that the original PacMan is in the game as well. Although the original games still earn well for their age, we're confident that with all of the new features we've added, the 20-year reunion will be even better.

Why bring back these hits from the past? For the past few years, our distributors and we have received comments from operators all over the USA about how well their Ms. PacMan and Galaga games continue to perform, but how beat up the hardware had become. Burned in monitors, trashed cabinets, irreparable boards... Would it be possible for us to re-release the games that they needed? We started to research the project, and found that even though many of the components were a great deal more expensive today, due to our ability to lower the cost of some of them, we were able to offer the game at virtually the same price that it was sold at 20 years ago. We wanted to uphold the integrity of the original cabinet, so who better to partner with than the same group of guys who built the originals?  The games are being assembled at Grand Products.Ms. PacMan andGalaga together it doesn't get any better than this!

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