JVL Vortex 2011 for Lease

JVL Vortex 2011 for Lease

Lease Pricing

Retail Price:

$ 3695



Weekly Minimum:

$ 28.25

This Brand New 2011 JVL Vortex comes complete with Coin & Bill

A Revolutionary Power Pad that adds a new dimension to game play
Super bright 17" LCD with operator adjustable lights
Proven Flash technology monitor with extra-wide viewing angle
Unique transparent perimeter framed with lighting
Internal steel frame construction to safeguard your earnings
And so much more... get yours today!

How to Lease from Lease America.Com
We at Lease America.Com strive to provide you with the best quality products, service and knowledge available making your experience simple and easy. Our acquisition leases are 2 year terms based on MSRP plus freight and Tax. Deposit shown is the minimum due, minimum payment is calculated over 103 weeks, lease items can be returned or traded at lease end and last monthly payment waived. Terms and conditions apply credit approval maybe required (fee $ 29.95) **Deposits are refundable if not approved** Total process approximately 10 Days.

Minimum Deposit $ 795 Minimum Payment $ 28.25 plus freight and tax.

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