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As part of our Terms and Conditions you agree to the entire content of this website. ® may provide you with information and other services that we decide to offer subject to this agreement.  Upon notice published through this website, we may modify or change this agreement at any time.  You agree that the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts apply to all sales and govern all use, you continue to agree to use our site and services in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with all terms and conditions found within. Please note that you may be referred to as "customer" in this agreement.

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You agree that ® without waving any rights that may not be listed herein, shall at all times maintain exclusive right and access to all products and property including but not limited to, websites, copyrights, intellectual property, trademarks, patents and more, until payment in-full has been made and a receipt showing the same has been provided. You further agree that all Invoices are due and payable in-full no later than 48hr after invoiced products have been received no other terms apply. Customer agrees to be liable for all cost of collection including attorneys Fee's and state allowed maximum interest.

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By using the ® website you agree that you will not attempt to undermine the integrity of ® or this website.  And you further agree to abide by all Internet and electronic signature rules.

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You agree that ® makes no express warranty with regards to earnings, freight or usage from the purchase or use of any products and that no liability is implied or expressed, you further agree that the use of our website is by choice and this disclaimer applies to damages or injury caused by your use or purchase including but not limited to performance, omission, interruption, negligence, or other. You further agree that ® nor any of its agents, affiliates, products, or content shall be liable for any damages arising out of use or misuse of the products or this website.

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